"Mental Vacation" Wax Melt

Mental Vacation Wax Melt

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Let the Bold scents of Spearmint and Eucalyptus calm your mind and ease your worries. It's time for a mental vacation! Made with soy blend wax for a smooth, even melt. 

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How To Use: Remove Melt Bar from packaging and place 1-2 squares in your favorite wax warmer or tea-light burner! Sit back and let our scents transform you!

Customer Reviews

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Pamela Moore
Relax and Release!

This is my "go -to" scent when I need to relax and release from a stressful day! This scent radiates throughout the home and leaves a noticeable calming effect. I would suggest this if you need a Mental Vacation!

Sydney Blair
Definitely Buy Again!

I received the wax melts Mental Vacation, Brown Sugar Queen, Self-Care Par"tea", and I Did My Laundry Today! All of them smell soooo good! They last a long time! I can tell everything was handmade with love! You need to go get yours like NOW! I will definitely buy again soon! 😊

Thanks so much for the recommendation Sydney! We're so glad to see you're enjoying all our scents!

O Barry
Truly Is A Mental Vacation!

Let me just tell you, if you are looking for a scent to relax and soothe then this is perfect! I enjoyed the balance of spearmint and eucalyptus aromas wafting throughout my home. It did a wonderful job of setting a very relaxing and calming mood! This is a very gender neutral fragrance, and perfect for men!

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